It is my pleasure to share with you my creative life. Here I will be sharing photos of my home interior, and exterior garden, and new refurbishing projects I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I do creating. Heres to LIFE well lived and decorated!!! Jary



This first table was a garage sale find that the owner used to keep her large birdcage on.  It was unfinished and unloved.  I was inspired by another table I ran across in a home magazine, so I painted it, this rich teal blue/green color with gold leaf accents.  I then rubbed in an antique pantina glaze just to age it up a bit.  I love the way it tuned out, I hope someone will have a place in their home for it.

This second table was a curbside rescue in poor repair, that someone had nailed a larger piece of plywood on top.  I removed the plywood, (which I have already reused in another project), and painted up the table in this FUN green.  I tiled the top in blue & green, and was excited when I found this perfect sized & colored plate at a garage sale.  I just have to find a home for it now, so let me know if you know of anyone who would love these tables.
Thanks, and have a GREAT day, J.


Bathroom soap dish update.

I found this great silver dish at a thrift store for a few dollars and decided to update my old boring soap dish on the main floor powder room.  The brush was another find from Melanie's yard sale (thanks!), and the peony from the garden.


I went to a friends yard sale last week and found a lovely beige linen table cloth along with some other great items like this wood tray (thanks Melanie).  They were so nice I decided to revamp my table again into a more summer feel.  The flowers are from the garden and the other items are weekend garage sale finds that I want to enjoy before putting them in my "FOF" Space.



I recently found this LUSH vintage upholstery fabric at a local 2nd hand store, and knew I had to have it.  I couldn't decide to recover a chair, do some new pillows for the living room, or make myself a lovely coat.  Well, until I decide, I am just using it as a tablecloth in my dining room, how fancy. Have a great day, J.



I have had the daunting pleasure of seeking, hunting and picking treasures for the FOUND ON FREMONT space these last 2 weeks.  I have found several lovely pieces of silver, brass and crystal, that I wanted to keep for myself.  I decided to share them with everyone else.  I just love items that have age to them, be it a nice tarnished patina, a crackled paint that shows years of history, or a crusty mossy architectural piece.  If an item is lacking of such, I find it is my duty to enhance such a piece, to bring out a different beauty. It is also an art on arranging it all to create a romantic, old world feel.  I have decided to offer up my services in home decorating, downsizing, helping stage your own home, be it for sale or just for a party.  I will even be a personal shopper for the person who needs a helping eye & hand.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the photos.  Have a great weekend, always my pleasure, J.