It is my pleasure to share with you my creative life. Here I will be sharing photos of my home interior, and exterior garden, and new refurbishing projects I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I do creating. Heres to LIFE well lived and decorated!!! Jary



This first table was a garage sale find that the owner used to keep her large birdcage on.  It was unfinished and unloved.  I was inspired by another table I ran across in a home magazine, so I painted it, this rich teal blue/green color with gold leaf accents.  I then rubbed in an antique pantina glaze just to age it up a bit.  I love the way it tuned out, I hope someone will have a place in their home for it.

This second table was a curbside rescue in poor repair, that someone had nailed a larger piece of plywood on top.  I removed the plywood, (which I have already reused in another project), and painted up the table in this FUN green.  I tiled the top in blue & green, and was excited when I found this perfect sized & colored plate at a garage sale.  I just have to find a home for it now, so let me know if you know of anyone who would love these tables.
Thanks, and have a GREAT day, J.

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  1. Love the blue and gold table. You did a beautiful job on it.