It is my pleasure to share with you my creative life. Here I will be sharing photos of my home interior, and exterior garden, and new refurbishing projects I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I do creating. Heres to LIFE well lived and decorated!!! Jary



Today we (Denny, Patt, & myself) moved my space upstairs at Found On Fremont.  Lonnie from Saavy will be taking over the business and the first floor starting August 1st.  This was the only time I could move since next week I am setting up a space at STARS SPLENDID and the following week vacationing in California.  We made a new fixture for the space and created a seasonal focal set up at the front.  This is our Summer Vintage Rose theme.  I hope you all get the chance to stop in and see the new set up.  Also stop by Stars Splendid in a few weeks and check out that new space.  We have created a great new look for it and we are excited to set it up.  Many THANKS! to Patt & Denny for all your help and support.  Take care J.

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